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Oceans of Fresh Water,
drop by drop

Cool Steam

Cool Steam is a desalination technology based on a multistage vacuum distillation process taking advantage of the surplus energy from industrial processes or nature, that can effectively produce fresh water from (even highly concentrated) salted (brackish or seawater).

The technology works at low temperature and requires a very low overall temperature gradient, which makes it possible to use low grade heat sources.

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FWN and CIMNE, together to bring fresh water to the world

Water is present all over the world; let’s make it fresh, safely clean and affordable through Cool Steam, the innovative and sustainable vacuum distillation process developed by FWN & CIMNE.

Created in 2013, FWN is a clean-tech start-up focused on maturing the technologies related with water treatment developed at CIMNE, the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering, in Barcelona. FWN is wholly owned by CIMNE.


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