Oceans of fresh water, drop by drop

Water is present all over the world; let's make it fresh, safely clean and affordable through Cool Steam, the innovative and sustainable vacuum distillation process developed by FWN & CIMNE.

Cool Steam

Cool Steam was born with the spirit of taking advantage of the resources that the environment offers us to obtain drinking water from seawater with minimal impact, emulating the natural processes of the water cycle.

Cool Steam is a desalination technology based on the multistage vacuum distillation of water from diverse origins (sea, brackish, polluted, industrial, etc.) at low pressure and temperature, taking advantage of the surplus energy from industrial processes or nature.

Low investment costs

Low maintenance costs

Low electrical energy requirements

Low working temperature

Use of renewable or waste heat

Slight pre-treatment required

Modular devices

High quality fresh water production

CO2 emissions reduction

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