New CIMNE desalination pilot plant

A new CIMNE desalination pilot plant arrives at the MtePack warehouse, where the electrical connection of its equipment will be made. The entire installation has been assembled by AMB ELECTRONICA. Process design, core distillation columns construction and automation and control system development ar...


Desalination CIMNEĀ“s pilot project at PLOCAN

Authorities visit to the pilot plant On 6th March, 2022, the president of Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres Pérez, has visited the Canary Ocean Platform (PLOCAN) located at Telde (Gran Canaria). Among other projects, he has visited the desalination pilot plant in which CIMNE ...


CIMNE and FWN start up their first portable desalination pilot plant

CIMNE has designed, developed and built, in cooperation with its spin-off  Fresh Water Nature, SL (FWN), its first portable desalination pilot plant, based on its patented vacuum distillation technology. The CIMNE and FWN technical team started up the pilot plant at Llobregat Desalination Plant...


Prototype for Fresh Water Production of CIMNE spin-off

Fresh Water Nature SL (FWN), a spin-off company of CIMNE, has recently installed an experimental prototype for production of fresh water in the desalination plant Aguas Ter-Llobregat (ATL) located in the municipality of El Prat in Barcelona. The fresh water production technology of FWN is based on ...


Dr. Pedro Arnau presents FWN in Madrid Aqua Energy

From 20th to 21st November 2018 it has taken place the event “Madrid Aqua Energy: from the carbon footprint to the water footprint”. The researcher of CIMNE Dr. Pedro Arnau gave a talk during the first day of the meeting entitled "Oceans of fresh water, drop by drop" in which the patente...


CIMNE Nature and FWN visit the desalination plant of El Prat de Llobregat

In July, CIMNE Nature's Group and FWN teams visited the desalination plant's facilities, located at Llobregat river mouth and operated by Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL). The desalination plant, which started operating in summer 2009, is the biggest in Europe for drinking water product...

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