The company

Fresh Water Nature (FWN), created in 2013, is a clean-tech start-up focused on maturing the technologies related with water treatment developed at CIMNE, the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering, in Barcelona. FWN is wholly owned by CIMNE.

Our parent research centre

CIMNE’s multidisciplinary team of 280 researchers allows for continuous improvement of its technologies and its transfer to subsidiaries like FWN.



FWN operates from its facilities and laboratory in Castelldefels, in the Mediterranean coast 20 Km from Barcelona. It has agreements with port authorities to install experimental stations right by the sea.

CIMNE’s headquarters and the rest of its laboratories are based in the city of Barcelona, inside Barcelona Tech campus under the umbrella of UPC (Polithecnics University of Catalonia), and in Castelldefels’ Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia (UPC as well), together with other research institutes.

Business strategy

The role of FWN starts when CIMNE has validated and patented its technology from experimental work done at a laboratory scale and it is time to continue further developments targeting specific industrial applications. FWN works under license from CIMNE.

FWN’s purpose is to further develop the water tecnologies born at CIMNE in order to approach them to the market. FWN`s strategy is to team up with strategic industrial partners to bring Cool Steam desalination Technology to the market.

FWN’s strategic goal is to supply smart and affordable desalination devices that may help to shorten the gap between the need and availability of fresh water with a low energy demand.


CIMNE’s Nature group developed the patented Cool Steam technology during the years 2011 through 2013.

The team

Besides CIMNE’s multidisciplinary research group, FWN has a dedicated team of five people working in the technical process.